about V Line Cosmetic

V Line Cosmetic originated from Canada spending across the US and Hong Kong. Our team is trained to give solutions to the different needs of our guests. Other medical aesthetic experts from overseas are regularly invited to our clinic for our valued clients to provide tailor-made professional advice.

At V Line Cosmetic, we aim to provide professional, high quality, and personalized services for all.

All aesthetic treatments which we provide are clinically proven for its effectiveness. E.g.,CE International and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) equipment; and the South Korea KFDA safety certification. To ensure each client is able to enjoy their beauty transformation in the safest way possible.

Afternoon tea is served everyday, so you can sit back and relax, enjoy our spectacular sea view at the famous Victoria Harbour. Visit us today at V Line Cosmetic and be amazed by your beauty transformation.


Feeling great! I’ve never felt so rested. I got laser treatment for my breathing/ snoring yesterday at V Line Cosmetic. I had surgery for it before that did nothing. This looks like it works!
I went to V Line for lip filler. Heather was so nice and understood exactly what I wanted. She didn’t make my lips too big or fake looking. You can trust her with ay cosmetic procedure.
I had an amazing job done on my laser hair removal and Coolsculpting. I was initially sceptical of Coolsculpting, but after one treatment I noticed significant reduction of fat in the area! It really works and I will definitely be back for more treatments on other areas. This clinic is highly recommended.